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About the Area (see Area Map)

Quinta Limon is located in the center of the tourism area of Southwest Nicaragua. The Rivas district on Nicaragua has some of the best surf spots and fishing in all of Central America.  Four large developments and many restaurants have been built in the Quinta Limon area during the last 10 years providing a ready market for the organic fruits grown on Quinta Limon.
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Quinta Limon is located in the pueblo of Limon 2 and it is located just off the main road in Limon 2 with a gravel road up to the gate (See Limon Dos map). The farm is located in the municipality of Tola within the district of Rivas. There is a paved road from Rivas to Tola (NIC 62). This road runs through Tola and it is paved all the way to Gigante. Nic 62 continues past Popoyo as a  well maintained gravel/dirt road. The government plans to continue paving NIC 62 to serve this growing tourism area. Electric power is available in the area and is generally reliable. Although Quinta Limon does not use commercial power because it has solar systems, commercial power is close by with a line running down in front of the property. Cell phone service is available and reliable in the area.

Rancho Santana is the largest of the four developments in the area and their restaurant is within walking distance of the farm. The development of Hacienda Iguana starts at the southern border of Rancho Santana and covers the beach front down to the Playa Amarillo property line. Playa Amarillo is pristine beach with no development as yet due to property disputes between the locals, the government and foreign buyers. Just south of Playa Amarillo is one of the area’s favorite tourism spots, the town of Gigante. Gigante’s restaurants are frequented by the many Americans and Europeans in the area on vacation or as permanent residents.  Just South of Gigante is the Redonda Bay development with Aqua Resort. The newest development, Guacalito de la Isla is just south of Redonda Bay.

North of Quinta Limon are several restaurants in the Popoyo area. Many beachfront and beach view homes are located in the beach area between Rancho Santana and the surf mecca of Popoyo.

The area is famous for surfing with numerous world class surf breaks. Sport fishing is also good in the area with several panga charters available in Gigante and Popoyo. Hiking and wildlife watching is also very popular in the area. The area has an abundance of wildlife to enjoy with howler and capuchin monkeys and tropical birds in the forested areas and sea turtles in the water. There are many sea turtle nesting areas on the beaches. Many birds can be seen nesting in the Quinta Limon fruit trees. Rabbits and other small mammals are also attracted to Quinta Limon.

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