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Quinta Limon is an organic fruit farm located in Limon Dos about 500 meters from the Pacific Ocean (see Location Map). The farm is located in the heart of the rapidly developing tourism area in the District of Rivas in southwest Nicaragua. The property is fully titled and registered with the district of Rivas. The farm is located in the Nicaraguan government’s designated tourism zone (less than 1 Km from the Pacific). It is located in the pueblo of Limon Dos (See Limon Dos map). The market for the fruits produced at Quinta Limon is the many resorts, hotels and restaurants in the area.
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The farm is 2 manzanas (3.5 acres) in area with over 150 fruit trees planted. Only about 25% of the land is currently planted. The farm is in the process of being certified as an Organic Farm by Bio Latina, a certification company that certifies organic farms all over Latin America under USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) regulations. The soil is composed of clay, silt and sand and is ideal for citrus and mango trees. Hardwoods like cedro, roble and caoba (mahogany) also grow well in this type of soil.


The property (see Property Map) is completely fenced with concrete post/ 8 strand barbed wire and has a natural fence of vetiver (similar to lemongrass) planted just inside the fence line. The vetiver protects the property from rainwater runoff from the adjacent properties. Mango and Nim (the source of neem oil) trees form a wind barrier 2 meters inside the fence line. The farm is equipped with a water well, solar water pump system with a Shurflo 9300 pump, water tower ( 750 liter tank) and irrigation piping for watering trees and other plants during the dry season.  The water has been tested and is completely suitable for drinking.  The land is flat with a slight slope towards the West.  Shallow drainage ditches ensure heavy rainfall does not accumulate on the property. A large (36 sq M) mound compost is located near the fence line on the Southeast side of the farm. Estiercol (dry cow manure) is mixed with grass cuttings in the compost and the compost is used to fertilize the fruit trees.


A small house (67 sq M or 700 sq ft) has been constructed as living quarters for the farm employee and his family. The house has two bedrooms, a storage room, bathroom with toilet, sink and shower and a large covered patio. The bedrooms and bathroom have tiled floors.  A small outdoor kitchen adjoins the house. The house has a complete septic system with a large drainage field sufficiently distant from the planting area and well to prevent any contamination. The house is equipped with a 1000W solar system with batteries and an inverter to provide 120V electric power for lights and small fans.  Water for the house is provided by the well and water system. Quinta Limon is fully independent from the commercial power supply with solar systems.


Of the 65 mango trees, 41 are currently producing fruits. There are four types of mangoes: Rosa, Amarillo, Criollo and Machete. There 51 lime trees (36 seedless limes) with about a dozen trees currently producing fruit. 37 orange trees are planted with 36 Valencia Orange type two years old. A mango tree wind break has been planted along the North East corner of the property to protect the main citrus growing area. Large mango and nim trees along with a row of large jacote trees are planted on the south west fence line to protect the farm from the occasional on shore wind. Various other fruit trees have been planted for personal consumption. Almendra (almond), avocado, coconut, star fruit, jacote (local fruit) and tamarindo trees are planted on the property. The property currently produces about 10,000 pounds of fruit annually, mostly mangoes. Several hardwoods have also been planted for shade and future harvest.
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