Surfing in the Area


Big wave break located ten minutes south of Gigante by boat. “Lefts only” over a rock ledge located adjacent to a cliff. Requires at least a six foot swell. Best at medium or high tide. This break is within the Guacalito de la Isla Development. No access by foot or car. You must take a boat to reach this break. Definitely worth the effort when the swell is large!

Three Beers

Located on the south end of Gigante beach. The wave breaks only when larger south and south west swells wrap into Gigante Bay.  Small well formed peelers break over rocks just beneath the surface.  Doesn’t break that often, but worth a look if you’re in Gigante.

Playa Amarillo

The next beach located just north of Gigante Bay. Beach break with smaller waves on the south side and larger waves on the north side. Best at high tide. You can still drive to this beach by going to Gigante and taking a right when you see the Pacific in Gigante..


The most consistent surf in the area. River mouth beach break that is located within the Hacienda Iguana Development. No access by car. You can walk from Playa Amarillo or take a boat. Beach break with super fast thumpers at low tide. Bigger swell closes out. Surf any tide.

Panga Drop

Located about 1 Km meters north of Colorado. Rock bottom about 75meters off the beach and the break will hold large swell. Best at low tide. Wave slows as tide comes in but the wave remains surfable in large swell at any tide. You should expect mild shore current here and slow drift north. Be prepared to paddle to stay on the take-off spot. Located within the Hacienda Iguana Development. No access by car. You can walk from Playa Amarillo or take a boat.

Rancho Santana

Long stretch of beach break. Good left break situated at headland on south side of the beach. Best at mid to high tide. Favorite spot for group of local surfers.  Located 500 meters west of Quinta Limon and is an easy walk from Quinta Limon. You can also drive directly to the beach.


The most famous break in the area. Rights and lefts over rock bottom. Can be very crowded, particularly during the “Surf Season”. Best at mid tide. About twenty minutes by car from the Limon Dos entrance. Park at the end of the Popoyo Beach road and walk south to cross a creek mouth and pass another 200 meters of beach to reach the break. Rarely unoccupied so look for the surfers in the water and you’re there!

Lance’s Left

North ofEl Astillero fishing village. Located in the Chacocente Wildlife refuge. Point break that holds large swell. Can be reached by walking from El Astillero but best to take a boat

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